How To Stop Your Business From Sucking Up All Your Time

Once upon a time, I got cranky about a book I read. I responded with How To Double Your Revenue and Profit. Really. The fifth of five steps in that article was “Get a ****ing system already”.

If you don’t have systems, your business is pandemonium.

If your business is pandemonium, it eats your life.

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A Small Business Must Have a Solid Foundation

We all know that a building has to have a strong foundation if it is to survive, so, too, a business.

There are many planks that support a business but there are four corner-posts that bear the most weight…

The four corner-posts are Marketing, Selling, Production and Financial Control. There are a multitude of other aspects which helps to make a business profitable. For example, customer service, adequate capital, and location.

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Making a Donation to Bring MORE Business

How a donation is different from a sponsorship and what is the advantage to you?

Donations are different from sponsorships, as a sponsorship is more likely to headline you for an event whereas a donation will let you be listed as one of the many donors. You do not need to headline every event to get business attention; you can simply donate an amount of funds and be listed. You may find that donors are listed in categories of the amount donated. The donations may be cash or they may be donations in kind. For example a service club is putting on a fund-raiser and needs to have donations of items for a silent auction and they also need to have cash donations to offset the cost of the event. You will then be able to decide which is better for you and your company. Cash is always welcomed but the item you donate may bring more attention. If an item is unique plus in demand, the item will have bidders warring over the purchase of it during the bidding.

You can donate a major item that will go to a live auction or you may have it as a silent auction item that people read about and see on the tables. You may also donate a door prize that catches attention. I know a person that always donates items to charity events and she is very well known in the community for her involvement and the donations she makes. She sells small make-up related items but everyone knows what she does and the products she sells. When you are looking for such items, it is likely you will call her, so donations do work!

When you approach a business that is involved in the community event you donated to, you will have a common bond with that business. You will then have an opening topic of conversation that can lead to better business relationships. You will also have a list of people that you can contact for help in your business.

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8 Rules You Must Know When Starting Your Business on a Budget

Risks are a part of life; there’s not a single person who isn’t faced with them. So why allow such worry to stand in the path of your dream? Every day someone else is working towards their dream. Someone else is starting a business with little nothing. With the resources out there today, it has never been easier do your own thing. You don’t need a fortune to start, you just have to go about things the right way. Keep in mind if you are waiting for the perfect time you’ll wait forever.

1. Decide on an achievable business. There’s a lot of thought involved with choosing a startup business; you can’t just see something cool and say, “I’m going to do that.” You have to make sure you know the industry you’re stepping into, you can supply the product, and it’s something you can stick with.

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Leveraging Business Relationships for more Profits

When should you leverage the relationship?

Leveraging sometimes brings a negative connotation to the mix. It does not have to be that way. Leveraging with alliances can work into a win-win situation were both parties become more profitable and they form more solid business relationships. Leveraging should be taken seriously and not as a way to step on another business to make your own headway. If you work with the alliance partner, you will both be able to leverage the relationship for mutual benefit.

For example, a store I was working with in the past had several channel partners that they wanted to leverage. A meeting was setup to discuss how the relationship could be expanded so that it benefited both parties. It was discovered that the partner wanted to learn more about the products the company was selling and get more into the training aspect for its customer base. The parent company on the other hand wanted to find ways to support the customers of the partner in order for the partner to gain more sales.

In this case, both parties were able to leverage the others’ contacts and offer better customer service. The channel partners also were able to find additional customers because they had more of an inside track on the products being offered. They were able to train new customers and give a new dimension to their offerings. The parent company profited from the additional sales.

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